I’m new here! Welcome to my blog, its nice to meet you! 
OH NO…not another teenage blogger looking to set the fashion blogging world alight, filling the screen with pictures of clothes and jewellery and pouting selfies. Well, no but…… yes, but don’t leave me now, we’ve only just met…
I’m Chloe, 15 and a student. I live in Surrey and am a typical teenager who loves fashion, street photography and my dog Doug who will probably feature heavily in my blog, not because I want him to, he just has a way of bombing my photos! I have 2 older brothers, both of whom have left home now so its just me, the rents and the pooch!
wear your allowance
Obviously being under the legal age limit to be able to work, with the exception of my school uniform – urghhh and don’t even get me started on the school shoes, hideous! – I generally purchase all my wardrobe from my monthly allowance and occasionally, with the help of mum and dad, if I’ve been very good and deserving. Which of course, I always am!
I just love dressing up, always have done and my first real memory from a young age is of me dressed head to foot as a Disney princess, it didn’t matter which one so long as it included a tiara, my mum’s heels and some ridiculously big clip on earrings. At the time I think I looked wicked but I think I’ve come a long way since then and no longer feel the need to dress top to toe in Pink!
What’s my style? Its ever changing and as well as being influenced by the latest trends, I also like to be a bit ‘out there’. Fashion on a budget isn’t easy so I try to be creative and inventive with what’s already in my wardrobe and add something new to change it up a bit. I’m currently loving the 70’s vibe, thanks to Mamma Mia 2. Lily James wardrobe is to die for….
So, in a very small nutshell, that’s the surface of me but you’ll get to know me more as the blog develops nut I can promise you one thing – there will be absolutely no air brushing or photo-shopping, I’ll try not to post cringy captions (emphasis on the word try) and in the words of Love Island’s Georgia, I’m gonna be ‘keepin’ it real babe…’
Chloe x


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    August 7, 2018


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    August 12, 2018

    LOVE the new blog Chloe!
    I will be sending the link to my niece ( I may even pick up a few tips myself 😉

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      Chloe Grey

      August 12, 2018

      Thank you very much x