Jeans Shopping – a Treat or a Trauma??

wear your allowance


Everyone has pet hates right? Mine is putting away my laundry when my mum leaves it on my stairs (yes, trip hazard – I’m always telling her but she doesn’t listen) and emptying the compost – I hate emptying the compost food bin! I love shopping but I hate – and I really do mean hate – shopping for jeans! Quite possibly they are the HARDEST things to buy everrrrrr! Are they really anyone’s favourite thing to shop for??? I think NOT.

5 hours, 5 SOLID HOURS of shopping yesterday – at Westfield no less, where there is virtually every High Street retailer going – and I still struggled. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a skinny minnie, I am what I am and actually, I quite like me. Yes, of course I could be 5 or 6 pounds lighter but my love of chocolate and Doritos is far greater. Fact. So the different styles available to suit every body shape is great – if you have the inclination to try on a gazillion pairs…

Things wrong with shopping on a Saturday:

.The rest of the country is

.The queues for the changing room are ridiculous

.And when you find your purchases, ridiculous queues again to pay (especially in Zara!!)

.Then when your belly is talking louder than you are, you can’t get a table for lunch

A pair of jeans are something everyone needs in their wardrobe – they can be dressed up, dressed down and I think they are the building blocks for a lot of outfits especially at this time of year. I do go through stages though of not wearing them, like in the summer when I swap jeans for denim cut-offs……and year after year the ONLY place I’ll buy these from is Hollister. Amazing cut-offs. Another fact.

Sizes????? Oh my goodness, every shop offered me up a different size. Generally, I’m a 10 in bottoms and an 8 up top but I was finding 12s really tight in some shops and got into an 8 in Zara – really annoying when you take an armful of different fit jeans in one size, strip down to your pants only to find they’re all too big or small……grrrr!

Skinny’s aren’t really for me – yes I have a pair but will only wear them with a big tee or jumper. My jean of choice is probably a ‘mom’ type jean or a frayed edge straight, which is the most flattering for my body shape. I quite like the culottes style jean too but they tended to make me look dumpy – shame cos I wanted some.

For High Street I think Topshop, without question, hold the best variety of styles in one place, and considering the price of around £40 a pair, cost per wear is great! For Skinnies there are the Joni, the Jamie, the Sidney, and the ever popular Leigh.

wear your allowance

  1. The Joni – £36-£42 – Super high rise skinny spray on Jean
  2. The Jaime -£40 – Flattering high rise, super skinny
  3. The Sidney – £40 – Mid rise skinny fit
  4. The Leigh – £38-£42 – Mid rise with super soft stretch

For a more relaxed fit, look at the Baxter, the New Boyfriend and my personal favourites the Mom and the Hayden. All these can be bought with the rips and in a variety of colours (I’m keeping all my pictures in the distressed or bleached blue).wear your allowance

  1. The Baxter – £40 – Low rise, slim fit, wider hem, sits at ankle
  2. The New Boyfriend – £40-£44 – Mid rise, loose straight fit through leg, non stretch
  3. The Mom – £40-£46 – High waisted, slim tapered fit, narrow hem sits at ankle, non stretch
  4. The Hayden – £40-£46 – Low rise, wear low on hips, loose fit, rolled hem sits above ankle

wear your allowance

I find that the Topshop jeans are true to size and I always purchase a 10. Here, I have paired my Joni jeans (above) with a cami and my Topshop silk jacket from the summer to show how these jeans can be dressed up for an evening look. Similarly, my black Topshop MOTO straight legged, frayed edge jeans can be dressed up with a pretty top. This one here an old off the shoulder from Topshop.wear your allowance

Bershka sell some gorgeous jeans. These straight cropped high waisted come in dark and light blue and are priced at just £19.99. I loved these high waisted denim culottes at £29.99 but sadly they just didn’t suit me but are definitely worth a mention. Bershka Jeans tend to come up slightly small so if ordering online, you may want to take this into consideration.

wear your allowance

I found that in store, Zara stock mainly skinnies but I did manage to find my ultimate fav from their TRF Range at £29.99. These Mom jeans are non stretch, high waisted, straight through the leg and narrower at the ankle. The 10’s fit my waist but were so tight through the leg that I took the 12 in these and with a belt I can make the waist fit (but they are a bit gapey round the back – but I loved them so I will accept that)

wear your allowance

I am wearing my new Zara jeans with a body from Urban Outfitters and mustard jacket from Zara. I struck gold with these Adidas Giselle’s yesterday, in the sale at £42. I love this on trend mustard colour!

I already owned this pair of Zara jeans (also in a 12) which I bought at the end of summer, they are the ZW Premium slim boyfriend jean at £39.99. They are worn lower on the hip, are distressed with a raw hem. I couldn’t resist this tee yesterday with the logo “fashion followers” So me and a snip at just £7.

wear your allowance

H&M never fail to deliver really affordable clothing and jeans are no exception. From Skinnies to Straight jeans to Moms and Flares, all these jeans are under £25. Its also good to see that H&M have finally got their sizes sorted. A few months ago I could barely squeeze into a size 14 but can now get my regular size 10 on!! HOORAY!wear your allowance wear your allowance

So this little blog I hope will give you a little helping hand when you next go to buy your crucial pair of jeans. The best advice I can give is wear easily removable clothing and sliders so you can avoid the sweat, the tears and frustrations that clammy, hot and humid changing rooms bring.

All in all my Saturday wasn’t so bad, I had one of the best burgers (complete with fried egg, avocado, bacon and double dipped chips – after trying on all the jeans of course) and we ended up taking in a trip to the movies – I think Johnny English should have perhaps quit after film 2! It was laughable in parts but generally a thin storyline and not so good.

Have yourselves a great week and see you back here in a fortnight.

kisses xx


Chloe Grey