Transitioning into Autumn……

wear your allowance

So the transition from the summer holidays to a new school year has actually not been so bad – so far so good. I’m enjoying my new GCSE (yikes!) subjects and the teachers are pretty ok too and of course its good to be back with my friends…..

So ‘transition’ got me to thinking about transitioning my summer wardrobe to include a few additional pieces of clothing to make them slightly more autumnal. Its not quite cold enough to wear full on winter clothing and when the sun is out, its still quite warm but not enough for thin straps and fabrics – I have finally committed my flip flops to the wardrobe for another year!

I love Autumn, one, cos’ I know Christmas is coming but mainly because of the clothes. THE CLOTHES!! And the colours. The woolly knits and boots…. and anything in between. And layering – I love layering!

I have to layer with some knitwear as I tend to have a reaction to some wools, mohair in particular but layered over a tee or a shirt, I’m ok. There has been a steady trickle of autumn wear coming into the High Street shops recently but we’re still at that in between stage where it’s still not cold enough to go full winter clothing… this blog will be about that ‘transition’ period, using whats in our summer wardrobes and adding in some key pieces   and ‘autumn-ing’ it up a bit…whilst still getting good wear out of our much loved summer outfits.

I have used just four items of clothing: tights, a thin knit turtle neck jumper, a jacket or shacket (for those not in the know, a mix of shirt/jacket) and a pair of boots. These items will transform a much loved summer outfit into a current look as we move into Autumn whilst getting real value from your outfits you have been wearing for the past few months.

The turtle neck I’m using in all pictures is from good old M&S at £6.50 and I’d suggest sizing down for a snug fit. All other items I already had in my wardrobe.wear your allowance

Everyone knows how much I have loved my yellow print skirt so I’m really happy that I can still continue to wear it into cooler climes. Shake up any little summer skirts and skorts by adding tights, a  jumper and a pair of boots, throw on a faux leather jacket or shacket and you’ve got a great autumn alternative.

wear your allowance

Similarly any of your ditsy summer prints look great with tights and woolly knits. I have worn this playsuit and long skirt so much over the holidays and partnering them with different accessories works!wear your allowance


wear your allowance


Another playsuit which I’ve paired with Timberlands gives it an instant edge and there are so many uses for my oversized Topshop t-shirt dress – so versatile and I’m loving how fanny packs are back in fashion (this one is a new purchase from Urban Outfitters £20.00) which replaces a belt.

So as you can see just a few added items can transition your summer clothing and adapt to autumn outfits. I cannot wait for the cooler weather to arrive so I can get my new knits on.

There are so many gorgeous knits in the shops right now and yesterday I bought this white jumper from Hollister (£29) and the Topshop pink knit (£29) which I know I’ll get lots of wear from. Both are the softest knits and super cosy. Here I’ve paired them with my trusty yellow print skirt for a real pop of colour and some black Zara side stripe trousers (£19) both will look great and jazz up a pair of jeans or sweatpants.

wear your allowance

Here are a few of my faves that I’m looking forward to wearing….

wear your allowance

Jumper ASOS £25, Jeans Zara £26                     Jumper Next official £26

wear your allowance

Jumper Next official £26, Converse £49 Jumper Topshop £35

wear your allowance

Oversized Jumper Zara £45 Oversized Cardigan Zara (sale) £17

Aside from my love of autumn fashion, there is simply nothing I like more following a brisk Sunday morning walk with Doug, than sitting on the sofa once all my chores and homework has been completed, with a hot chocolate – marshmallows please – watching a good rom-com when it’s freezing outside!wear your allowance


Bring on the cold weather……

Till next Sunday, stay tuned blog-friends

Kisses xx




September 4, 2018

Chloe Grey